Who is Jason Bax?

You may have seen my face on TV. Read my bio here

“I heard you interview entrepreneurs and bestselling authors.”

Yes. You can checkout episodes of my show, SELF MADE, on iTunes the web and Android

“How can I connect with Bax, not spiritually, but socially?”

I’m on Facebook here and here (sometimes), but I prefer Twitter

How can I contact Jason Bax?”

There are way too many ways to get messages these days, aren’t there? I prefer 1-2 line emails or you can tweet me.

“Why is this site so plain?”
(Translation: Why does your site suck so hard?)

I love design, but I’m 100% focused on interviewing interesting entrepreneurs, authors and investors on SELF MADE, and sharing their stories….so design is a distraction. (But I can’t help myself. A site re-design is coming soon.)

“You have domain names for sale?”

Yes. I’ll put a link here soon. For now, Tweet me.

“What books do you recommend?”

This is a sample of what’s on my bookshelf (COMING SOON).



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