The Pitchless Pitch : Demotainment

Demo (showing by example rather than simple explanation) PLUS Entertainment
= Demotainment


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If you’re in business, life’s a pitch! Here’s how to stop selling and start compelling people to enjoy handing you their money…

Technology and social media are quickly killing traditional interruption marketing. (Thank God!)

Bombarded by advertising, distracted by technology and consumed in social media, people have become desensitized to traditional marketing messages. To cut through the fog and reach consumers in the ‘age of attention scarcity’ businesses need to switch mindsets from selling to compelling people with entertainment.

Demotainment is selling the way people want to be sold.

Demotainment compels prospects to watch your pitch (without feeling manipulated).

Demotainment is a Pitchless Sales Pitch.

What would you rather watch? An old-school sales pitch about how great a brand of sunglasses are OR an entertaining demo like Ray Ban’s, below?

Ray Ban’s chameleon Demotaining their range of product colors.
(More examples in the book)

In the above example Ray Ban uses all 5 elements of Demotainment (DEMO T) to create a Pitchless Pitch that helped their pitch go viral…generating millions of views, generating sales and building their brand.

When you encounter a traditional, pushy, old-school sales pitch you’re repelled, aren’t you? However Demotainment doesn’t feel like a pitch to sellers OR buyers.

In fact, when using all 5 elements of DEMO T people are attracted to your pitch, willing watch it AND, most importantly, they’re more likely to share it with their friends…helping it spread 2x more people, 2x faster (free advertising)….driving sales and brand recognition. (Let’s see a traditional sales pitch do that!)

Who’s Using Demotainment?

Cutting edge companies like Google, Samsung, Burger King, DieHard Batteries, Dyson, BMW, Blendtec, Canon, and tons of innovative small businesses are already using Demotainment to attract millions of people towatch their sales pitches, engage with their brand, convert them into raving fans and paying customers.

Demotainment will teach you:

:: 5 secrets to creating a (compelling) pitch people will line up to watch
:: 20 ideas you can steal to make your pitch more compelling
:: Examples of top brands already using demotainment to attract millions of buyers
:: The small business that used one low budget video to go from zero to a million in sales.
:: The billion dollar demo that created Twitter’s tipping point

Why Me?

As the spokesman and pitchman for Internet Marketing Dot Com I gave 400+ hours of presentations and 250 good, bad and downright ugly sales pitches in 3 continents (including the University of Sydney, Australia) generating over $3 million in sales.

Nothing teaches like experience and I’ve learned many excruciatingly painful lessons (for myself and audiences) about what pitches work and which crash and burn.

Combing this with my experience marketing unusual items and guides on the Internet for 10 years.

Questions & Answers

Q: Can I buy a paper copy of this book.

A: Sorry, it’s not in “dead tree” format yet. Besides, downloading books are good for the environment.

Q: Can I buy it in Kindle, Kobo, or iPad book format?

A: Great idea! Soon but not yet.

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What Business Leaders Are Saying

“In our fast-paced world of instant gratification, you need to understand the secrets to connecting with your audience in a fun yet informative manner..Jason’s new book does just that while showing you how to ‘compel’ instead of ‘sell.’

:: Mike Schell, Author of Buyer Approved Selling

“Brilliant! You had me at entertaining demo. I would drop everything and focus on this!”

:: Richard Scott, Clarity Business Consulting

“Valuable tips on selling without selling…filled with humor, tips and pure entertainment. I was sold from the start.”

:: Michael Bulva, President, Solo Strength

About The Author

Jason Bax was the multi-million dollar spokesman for He represents brands like Dell, Nissan, Fisher Price, Hasbro, Purina etc. on TV, author of BusinessUnusual.Net (the BUN) and has been invited to speak to business audiences on 3 continents, including the University Of Sydney, Australia.

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